Persistent Sex

June 2nd, 2014

Here people use to say A donkey have sex not by donkey (its size), but for persistent. That’s my case. I always talk to every girl I see. Some times one of them accept my propossal, and we get sex. But most of them refuses me. Im not Brad Pitt, but not too ugly too, and its common to see not very handsome guys getting very hot girls, how they do it? Was a mystery to me. People say its their pocket, full of money, that attract girls or predisposse them to do anything. But some guys are not rich, and do it very well. So, whats the secret? I like to read books, mostly novels or self improvement, and decided to start reading about psychology, especially women minds. Reading Sigmund Freud’s books I learned his ideas about sex, the relation between sex and dreams, and the relation between some traumas when kid and problems in the teen age. It seems he didnt knew for real about women minds, but his own thinkings about sex and women. The book Emotional Intelligence helps a lot understanding how a different aproach can solve some situations that seems imposible or very hard to solve. And it shows each one have different skills, some people do not understand mathematics, but can play music as genius, and viceversa. It show very different skills, and especially the emotions control as the best skill to reach top positions in human organizations. Some other books talk about love and relationship. But thats not exactly what I needed. What I wanted was to learn how to get girls for having sex. Searching the web, a lot of sites promissed to teach that to me. After testing some of the free ones, without any lucky, I decided to try the payd ones and found the right for me. I was in the right way with psychology, but it show me a different approach, and it works for real. I used to get rejected by nine of ten girls, and now its the opposite, now Im getting sex with nine of ten girls I ask for. Its amazing, you can learn it, but not by the guys who already know it, because most of them do that naturally, its in their intelligence skills, and me not. What they told me didnt help me, I had to learn from the people in that website, as they were like me and know exactly why I need.

Organizing my new life!

September 6th, 2013

Two years ago that for work reasons I have my office at home. I usually like to use for a couple of times a day while working in the old office but that habit just ends. So sad for me.

Now I’m working at home, I’m in charge of caring of my daughter who is 7 years old. One day I just trying to enter my profile but she discovered me in the act, saddly she saw some pictures she cant. Then the plan was to buy her ice cream every day in change of do not tell this to my wife.

Also there was another big problem. She start to asks about things related to sex and I do not have the answers so now I have two problems. Problem with my daughter cusiosity and problem with my online activities.

I’m going crazy with this, during the day my daughter, my wife is overnight. I do not know what to do.

Cheaters Site

April 30th, 2013

There are many sites teaching you how to cheat online, to earn points or credits in some games, to access restricted areas, or to earn some money. I think you are reading this because you want to cheat online to earn some money, right? Well, it involves cheating some sites, and creating some anonymous account to get the money. Using your real name and real info to get the money can get you some problems. Better to read about the possible ways of creating accounts to catch some money, and the ways to transfer the money from one account to another. If you are thinking in cheating Big Money, better to get a bank account in some Brittish island. How? Well, you should read or search the web, there are many ways of doing it without moving from your place.

Looking for some vancouver sex

February 20th, 2012

Was looking for some vancouver sex resource, this is something new for me, i never went to vancouver before but different things are always so good to enjoy. Well, im planning about visit that canadian city and obviusly try to get some extra fun you know what im talking about. Thats the reason i would like if someone can recomend a good canadian personals resource i mean i want to have sex in vancouver while im there.
I want to start looking for interesting profiles and create some connection then when I stay there talk face to face, by the way i will be there next month so i need something that works fast.
I’ve heard about many dating websites but I dont know how sure could they be, I notice this website and maybe posting in here could get something interesting about what im talking about, in fact vancouver sex.

Organize your sexual live

July 13th, 2011

Generally you only need to organize your sex life if you don’t have much of one, which we have all experienced at one stage or another….. for way longer than many of us would care to admit but hey.. that’s life. With the ridiculously long working hours most of have and if children are added to the mix it’s not  really any surprise is it?!!
Well If you need help with this lack of sex in your life here are some tip I took from Claire McFee  article.

Book it in – If you are out of the habit to a large degree some of the best advice on the topic I read once said something like “You need to sometimes have sex when you aren’t really in the mood just to help you get back in the swing of things.” To expect to be in the mood with a regular partner when it’s been an age isn’t realistic, so as boring and unromantic as it sounds setting a specific time to do the deed for want of a better phrase can actually help get you back into the swing of things. Put it in your diaries and actually stick to it and hopefully your libido will kick back in and it will turn into the spontaneous  and enjoyable act it should be.
Raunchy Reading Material – A raunchy book or magazine may do the trick to put you in the mood,. If you are in the category of a partner who is wanting it but you don’t, and their usual methods of arousing you are not working like they used to, you can read a chapter or so of one such book to give you head start without your partner even knowing. I promise they won’t be complaining!
Off-the-shelf Libido Enhancing Products – I wouldn’t go down this path unless you have a good naturopath who knows your history and whether the mix of ingredients and importantly the quantity of each is going to do anything for you and your sex life. Otherwise they could be at best a waste of money or at worst actually making the situation worse and even masking what may be the real problem.
Hormones gone awry? – Look at your hormone levels (more closely than a simple one off blood test result will give you) – but rather – again -with a good naturopath who uses a Vega machine to tell you if you are too high or low in any of these areas and can give you something to rectify it. Otherwise the effect can be literally pushing away with one hand while trying to pull in with the other –confusing to say the least for your partner and not surprisingly affecting your sex life.
So hope this help but if is not enough or you are still under this problem you can visit the doctor or try this out some videos de sex are completely free or even try to find your half orange dateing that is free as well.

Good Luck!!!!

Organize Your Closet

March 11th, 2009

The best way to conquer clothes clutter: Hold your own once-a-year fashion show. Empty the closet, then try on each garment in front of a full-length mirror. Does it fit? With what outfits and on what occasions will you wear it? Does it need mending? Will you ever be able to get out that ink stain? Separate pieces into four piles: keep, mend, donate, throw away. Follow the same steps for shoes. Now you can start organizing the keepers, eking out extra space with over-the-door storage and hanging shelves.

Toss mismatched hangers: Their irregular shapes take up more space, and the wire ones that dry cleaners use are hard on your clothes. Try a coordinated set, like the Huggable Hangers.

Keep your clothes stored by outfit: For example, store cardigans with matching slacks, blazers with skirts, rather than by type. Then return hangers to the closet so the hooks face out. Once you’ve worn a set, hang them the other way (with the hook facing in). At the end of a year you’ll be able to tell which clothes you haven’t worn — it’ll help streamline next April’s fashion show/spring-cleaning.

Remove out-of-season items: Wash or dry-clean your winter gear, then bag or box it and stash out of the way.

Hello world!

March 6th, 2009

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